High impact lenses are designed to be strong enough to withstand shocks and scratches, to give protection at work and for sports. Lightweight and tough, vFLEX lenses provide high levels of clarity and UV protection.

Vivo Optics’ vFLEX lenses is patented, proprietary product developed with a special blended monomer. It is currently available in 1.56 and 1.60 index lenses, in both finished and semi-finished formats.

vFLEX is an all-in-one package that promises greater strength and sturdiness to deliver the utmost in visual performance and utility.

  • High scratch resistance, thanks to an extra hard coat
  • Anti-reflective layer cuts down on reflections to ensure greater clarity
  • Anti-static surface repels dust so it remains clean and clear
  • Effective water-repellant surface keeps off water and oil
  • Extremely smooth surface makes it easy to clean